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Venezuela participates in International Exhibition on Ecological Products

In response to the Fifth historic goal of the Second Plan for Economic and Social Development of the Nation 2013-2019, the Bolivarian Government through its Consulate General in San Francisco participates in the International Exhibition of Ecological Products, Living Product Expo15, promoted by the International Institute for a Sustainable Future.

The Fifth historic goal has a deep ecologist, universal mission upon awareness and shared responsibility of all in the care and rational use of natural resources. Achieving this objective involves immediate and mediate actions to rescue the balance of the land and prop productive economic processes of human beings on the basis of respect for the cycles of the Earth and its regenerative processes, by establishing a different relationship between humans and nature.

This exhibition Organic Products held in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, supports the creation of genuinely regenerative products inspired by nature, driven and manufactured using renewable energy maintaining the water balance in the places where they are produced, to build products that create a habitat that feeds the human spirit and provides inspiration for the personal, political and economic change (ILFI, Living product Expo15).

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