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Venezuelan Supreme Court Fernando Vegas talks about the Bolivarian Constitution and the National Public Power in San Francisco

In a special event held in the city of San Francisco, yesterday Jurist of the Supreme Court Fernando Vegas explained to the audience the process through which, for the first time in Venezuela a national constitution was approved by its citizens through a popular referendum. In the same extent, he made a detailed description of the structure of the Constitution, as well as of the Public National Power. In this context, he highlighted the importance of the Communal Councils in the exercise of the participatory democracy.

The occasion offered also the opportunity to talk about the upcoming election of the representatives of the National Assembly in December, and about the reliability of the Venezuelan electoral system.

The event was sponsored by ANSWER Coalition; Bay Area Latin America Solidarity Committee; FMLN-Nor. Calif.; Marcha Patriótica-Bay Area; Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee (formerly National Committee to Free the Cuban Five); National Lawyers Guild; Party for Socialism and Liberation; School of the Americas Watch-SF; Task Force on the Americas; Workers World Party.

Jurist Vegas will be participating in the National Lawyers Guild's Annual Law for the People Convention in Oakland.

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