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Maduro Calls for Investment in Africa, Latin American Unity

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on Latin American and Caribbean nations on Monday to create and support new initiatives in Africa in response to the European migrant crisis.   

Speaking at the special session of ALBA nations in the Venezuelan capital ,Caracas, Maduro urged his fellow leaders to take action to help their African brothers.   

“We are sons of Africa,” he said. “We cannot close our eyes, even though nothing is happening to us.”   

Maduro argued that the migrant crisis, which has seen thousands of Africans and Syrians killed in the attempt to enter Europe, was due to the “chaotic policies of the West,” as well as “historical, cultural, economic and political” reasons.   

He welcomed the idea of European nations donating 20 percent of their military budgets to investment in social causes, urging ALBA nations to also invest in education, health and infrastructure in Africa.   

The Venezuelan President highlighted that solidarity between Latin American and Caribbean nations was the key to peace, and that despite destabilization attempts in Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, the bloc was standing firm.   

“They haven’t achieved (destabilization) not because they don't want to, but because they can't,” Maduro said.   

“Separated we are nothing. Prisoners to be captured. Together we are a power. Through the good and the bad, we must stay united,” Maduro said.


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