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Inauguration of the Library "Comandante Hugo Chavez" in San Francisco

Commemorating the 61 anniversary of the birth of President Hugo Chavez, the headquarters of the Venezuelan Consulate in San Francisco hosted the opening of the Library "Comandante Hugo Chavez," which features works by authors such as Professor, Diana Raby, from the British University of Liverpool, Alvaro Muñoz and Luis Beltran Prieto Figueroa, among other prominent Venezuelan writers and from other nationalities.

For this occasion, was also unveiled a portrait of the eternal Commander painted by Magali Salazar de Grant, a great lover of fine arts born in Carupano, Venezuela 88 years ago.

Mrs. Magali was inspired to paint this portrait in a picture of the President published in the newspaper El Angostureño in February 1999. By that time President Chavez was in his first year in office and very young. But it was in 2006 when she copied it to create her piece done in charcoal, in which she painted the president graying by all the difficulties he had to overcome during his presidency. Today, when the fate prevented us to see him grow old, this beautiful portrait allows us to visualize the character and wisdom that come over the years.

As part of this celebration, all week we will be projecting videos produced by the National Autonomous Cinematography Center such as "Chavez the Man," "Chavez the Cadet" and "My Friend Hugo" by Oliver Stone.

Please visit the microsite prepared by the Department of Archives, Libraries and Dissemination of the Central Library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to highlight the facets of Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias as a diplomat and reader.

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