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Venezuelan Creates Chess Teaching Software

 Mango Paola Ajedrez (Mango Paola Chess) is the first software program developed by a Venezuelan to teach children how to play chess.  The application is compatible with Windows and GNU/Linux operating system and may be included in Venezuela’s locally assembled Canaimitas laptops that are freely distributed to students nationwide.
The chess program has a series of entertaining images and sounds that will enable children to understand the game.  It seeks to stimulate curiosity and learning in children through science.
Furthermore, the game’s appeal and lack of complexity make it possible for children as young as three or four years old to play chess prior to learning how to read, as long as they are guided by a parent.
The software’s creator, José Andrés Morales Linares, is a systems engineer who graduated from the Santiago Marño Polytechnic University.  In addition to Mango Paola Ajedrez, he has created a social network security program called Mango Sniffer, a search engine called Mangoos, a management program called Mango Alcaldia (Mango City Hall), and a dynamic website system called Mango Pac.
AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / February 2, 2015

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