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Venezuela honors the legacy of the civil rights advocate for African Americans

Martin Luther King Jr

On January 15 was  the 86 birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the U.S.  pastor and leader of the civil rights movement who fought to put an end to racial discrimination and poverty. Dr. King’s work and his speeches have been a great source of influence for Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution. The government of President Nicolás Maduro – and Hugo Chávez before him – has focused on implementing social, political and economic policies to promote democracy, peace and equality.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, recalled last year, the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. the African American leader born in 1929, saying it is a "lasting and enduring example".

"We commemorate the birth of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on January 15, 1929 (...) the black angel (...) the man who had a dream, the unbreakable fighter for civil rights and against racism". said Maduro early in his annual report to the National Assembly.

"From here, from the revolutionary Venezuela, honor and glory to Martin Luther King and his wonderful legacy,"concluded Maduro.

A school in the state of Vargas, Venezuela, was named after Dr. King in 2004. That same year, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Venezuela, a photo exhibit featuring the life of Dr. King was displayed at the National Library in Caracas. Participating in both events was the head of the former Education Minister Aristóbulo Isturiz, who was the first Afro-descendant to hold that position.

Press- Embassy of Venezuela / January 16, 2015

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