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President Maduro meets with Vladimir Putin in Moscow

A meeting between the Presidents of Venezuela and Russia, Nicolás Maduro and Vladimir Putin, is currently underway in Moscow.  At 4:30pm local time, the Venezuelan President arrived in Novo Ogariovo, the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.
Maduro arrived in Russia in the morning following a visit to Algeria.  This will be the final stop on a tour that has received international attention for its strategic importance to the Venezuelan government and people.
Russia and Venezuela share common ground on several policy issues and are both energy powers.  Ties between the two nations have been deepened since President Hugo Chávez was first elected into office.
Currently the leaders of the two countries are evaluating the drop in oil prices, which have fallen due to oversupply in the market through U.S. fracking.
The meeting with President Putin will be President Maduro’s last stop before returning to Venezuela following a tour of China, Ira, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Algeria, where he discussed the oil market and cooperation accords.
MinCi / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / January 15, 2015

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