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List of CNE Board Candidates Highlighted by Diversity

Social organizations and diverse political and religious federations and associations have nominated their candidates for the National Electoral Council (CNE) board of directors in a process that has been characterized by the diversity of the nominees.

As is established in the Constitution, every citizen has the right to freely participate in apolitical affairs, regardless of their political ideology, religion or sexuality.

That is why 169 people have been nominated as of Monday for this exercise in democracy which began on October 31 and will continue until November 20.

The candidates were nominated from organizations such as the Civil Association Assembly of Educators, the Central University of Venezuela’s Council on Retirees, the Venezuelan Electoral Observatory, the Jesus Christ is Life Evangelical Church Civil Association, the Santa Teresa del Tuy Pentecostal Church of Venezuela, the Union of Workers in Radio, Television, Cinema, Theaters, Musicians and Singers, the Madera Foundation Group, the Movement of Indigenous Peoples, and the Venezuela Federation of Industrial Breadmakers, among others.

Included on this list is the former Vice President of the Electoral Branch of government, Janeth Hernández; alternate CNE board member Levy Arron Alter Valero; the director of the Office of Political Participation, Luis Emilio Rondón González; and the former secretary of the opposition Democratic Unity Committee, Cristobál Fernández Daló.

To learn more about this process of nominations, read the following: CNE Election Nominations Process Begins

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / November 18, 2014

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