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Venezuela condemns expansionist actions of the state of Israel in Palestine

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs




The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly condemns the decision by the State of Israel to grant itself, in an arbitrary and unlawful manner, 400 hectares of Palestinian territories in the West Bank, once again failing to acknowledge the norms of international law.

Venezuela repudiates the fact that, despite the ceasefire that was reached, the State of Israel is undertaking expansionist actions that represent a true obstacle for attaining peace in the region.

Our nation, devoted to the principles of international law, once again demands an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories as an indispensable step for the definitive construction of a free, sovereign and independent State of Palestine.

The Venezuelan Government affirms its commitment to the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez in defending the Palestinian cause and reiterates its unbreakable solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people who serve as a dignified example of those who fight against oppression.


Caracas, September 2, 2014

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