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Passed plan to fight smuggling

A Systemic Plan to Integrally Fight Smuggling, whose draft had been submitted by vice-president Jorge Arreaza last Saturday, has been passed, informed Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro last Monday.

The plan is made up with a series of measures to fight the smuggling of Venezuelan staples into Colombia, said the President at a meeting broadcast live in local television.

Such measures had been proposed by strategic operational commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Force, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, and admiral Angel Belisario Martinez, members of the National Commission to Fight Smuggling.

“I bet it all because we have to understand that a criminal economy is trying to be imposed on us, with a swarm system aimed at undermining people’s economy,” president Maduro said at a meeting with the board of directors of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in Caracas.

As consequence of the economic war prolonged by extreme right groups in Venezuela, Maduro recalled, “measures of safety and economy are in full development to defeat smuggling structurally and systematically.”

In this connection, he said that a series of decisions and actions will be released soon, which “deal with fighting hoarding and speculation, to guarantee the Venezuelan people their right to food and public services.”

Moreover, Maduro called on all economic sectors in the country to join the battle against smuggling, specially the private industry, which “have been led to bankruptcy and disappointment due to right-wing’s adventures over these 15 years.” To the working class, he called on continue to be on the alert.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / August 25, 2014

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