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Job Approval of President Maduro Over 60%

The same poll showed that while Maduro’s leadership gains support, “opposition sectors are at very low levels of support and identification, and have no leadership or path,” said José Vicente Rangel.

Journalist and political analyst José Vicente Rangel announced Sunday the results of the latest survey by pollster Hinterlaces about the challenges facing President Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution.

President Maduro’s job approval has increased significantly, to 60%, while “opposition sectors are at very low levels of support and identification, and have no leadership or path,” Rangel said.

He also noted that support for the Bolivarian Revolution has not changed.  “The social foundation of support for chavismo, which has historically been maintained at around 40%, is a social foundation that supports President Maduro’s decisions on economic matters.  They support the Revolution’s social and political models, they do not want a change of model, they want the model to work,” he explained.

Rangel said that the number of independents has risen to nearly 40% of the population, and that they “do not find models, or leaders or proposals within the opposition leadership.  Nearly half of independents alter their electoral behavior according to government performance.”

He indicated that independents “are looking for someone to trust.  Their principle criticism of the government is about economic vision and performance, which is why they a majority can be won over by governing chavismo if they show their abilities and get results that lead to well-being and security in terms of the country’s economic future.”

The poll shows that a majority of the Venezuelan people believe in the implementation of an economic model led by the State and with participation of private firms in order to create new job opportunities and improve quality of life.

Rangel then explained that new strategies, measures, processes and results relating to the economy need to be communicated accurately “with their own narratives and symbols so that they produce support, particularly in the working and middle classes.”

Finally, the poll showed that Venezuelans believe changes to society should be made “without sacrificing the legacy of Commander Chávez and without losing the gains” already made.

Correo del Orinoco / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / August 24, 2014

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