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Bolivarian Government Rejects Terrorist Actions in Iraq

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs




The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the terrorist actions carried out by extremist groups in the Republic of Iraq that have caused the deaths of thousands of Iraqis as a result of the extermination of different religious and ethnic groups that are part of the Iraqi nation.

Furthermore, the Venezuelan Government categorically rejects the actions of armed groups in other countries in the region that have led to destabilization, particularly in Syria and Libya, that count on the support of the United States of America and European powers.

In reiterating its commitment to the principles of international law, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela urges respect for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Iraq and denounces, before the world, the military aggressions and interventionist policy of the United State of America and Europe in the region.

The Government and people of Venezuela express their solidarity with the Iraqi people and hope for stability that will enable that Nation to guarantee well-being through its exercise of self-determination and independence.

MPPRE / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / August 21, 2014.

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