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New Armed Force officers committed to the homeland

Caracas, 08 Jul. AVN.- Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro pointed out Monday that the new 644 officers of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) are committed "with the homeland, with Simon Bolivar and the legacy of Hugo Chavez."

During the graduation ceremony, at Bolivarian Military University, in Caracas, president Maduro congratulated all new FANB members, "who become officers of the 21st century. Decent officers of this homeland."

President Maduro took the opportunity to recall the graduation of Commander Hugo Chavez: "Today, I'd like to remember that man who graduated here 39 years ago, full of convictions. And on his behalf, I'm going to hand over the saber to each of you, for you to assume a commitment with the homeland, Bolivar and Chavez."

Hugo Chavez graduated from Venezuela's Military Academy on 5th July 1975 and since then he started an active military life for 17 years, through which he obtained plenty of academic achievements.

As a matter of fact, Maduro recalled that FANB officers in the eighties were full of uncertainty, but Hugo Chavez sowed values to fill the Republic with faith, "a resurrection of the homeland."
The President said that maybe "new officers wondered if those dreams of a generation that accompanied the Commander of the homeland, of building happiness for everyone, were possible."

Nevertheless, he said that Chavez, as military leader and then commander of the homeland, stood countless "campaigns full of lies to spread hatred among the youth and middle class, which lost their chance of recognizing one of the greatest men born in this land."

During the ceremony, president Maduro graduated 644 new officers; out of it, 26 are foreigners who were trained in the Bolivarian Military Academy and come from friend countries as Bolivia, Panama, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.

There were also graduating six Venezuelan officials who had graduated as engineers specialized in command of tanks in Belarus.

Furthermore, president Maduro informed that officers who graduated in 1984 will be part of the active reserve of the Nation.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / July 8, 2014

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