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Maduro Calls upon the People and the FANB to Follow on Bolivar's Historic Path to Union

Caracas, Jun 25. AVN -. On Tuesday, President Nicolas Maduro, thanked the people and members of the FANB (Bolivarian National Armed Force), for their loyalty, unity and discipline; he called for the strengthening of such values.

During his speech honoring the Battle of Carabobo's 193th Anniversary -which proved decisive for the independence of Caracas, Venezuela, and Latin America- the president asked the Venezuelan people to study their history, which reflects the existence of defecting factions, which till this day are still promoted by empires that seek to tear emerging Latin American governments.

Thereby, he warned that such objective is being nurtured from within the very nations that have decided to be free and sovereign; in order to affront such situation he called upon the people, "I call upon all the revolutionary forces of the country, to unite and have maximum discipline."

From the Carabobo battlefield, where the activity took place, Maduro affirmed that he would keep the promise made to the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, which is to work for the welfare of the Venezuelan people by implementing the Plan of the Nation (Plan de la Patria), elaborated by the socialist leader and inspired by his people.

"Defecting factions that prevailed throughout the nineteenth century, which prevented the victorious strategic union of our people during the twentieth century shall not succeed, nor the petty dissent groups shall prevail," he asserted, warning that behind such divisive factors there is "always the lurking enemy."

The president also stressed the FANB's loyalty since he took office, "Be sure that loyalty will be repaid with loyalty, with unconditional love. We've reconstructed Bolivar's historic path to union; now is up to us to remain on the right path."

Commemoration of Independence Deeds

The popular and revolutionary factions were also present at the Carabobo battlefield to honor those heroic deeds which led the way to independence.

More than 5,900 men and women represented by peasants and laborers organizations, marched through the historic site to reaffirm their commitment to the country's development.

The organization known as the Golden Youth, also paraded in front of the presidential stage; mentioned organization has had broad participation within the national socio-productive projects, through the Ministry of Youth, entity responsible for creating comprehensive policies and developmental programs that address and serve the rights of the Venezuelan youth through sporting events, educational projects, social-productive and recreational activities.

Members of the so-called missions comprising social programs created by and during the revolution, which aim at addressing social inequalities, also paraded in front of the podium where President Maduro was in the company of the First Combatant, Cilia Flores; Attorney General of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Díaz; President of the Supreme Court, Gladys Rodriguez; the Venezuelan Ombudswoman, Gabriela Ramírez, and President of the National Assembly (AN), Diosdado Cabello, among others.

Followed by the salute of mission members, Venezuelan women comprising various Bolivarian taskforces also marched in representation of gender equality and female inclusion within the ranks of the Bolivarian Army.  The battlefield was also honored with the presence of Venezuelan school children, who rode a school bus in representation of the Canaima Education Project.  School-aged student, Ana Mar de la Libertad, who step out of the bus, proclaimed on behalf of her classmates, "I am excited to be here today in this beautiful battlefield, where on June 24th, 193 years ago, the Battle Carabobo was fought. I, Ana Mar de la Libertad, who on March 15th at the Mountain Barracks, told our eternal commander, that I truly feel and believe in my heart that he is still here with us," she exclaimed.

Her stirring speech carried a message of encouragement to all young people that are part of the student body.  "I, on behalf of my classmates, am here to say that we are the seeds sown by our beloved leader; we ride along Bolivar's greatness with our backpack full of dreams, towards an independent homeland; we are the guaranty of a powerful nation full of happiness; we only believe in life, love and peace, so, Mr. President, give orders, because although I'm only six years old, I'm also contributing to build this homeland every day by studying," she said.

FANB Decorations

The President also awarded military honors to various FANB branches in celebration of the National Army Day, since it was the first time that Venezuelan troops attended mentioned battlefield dressed in their uniforms.  Among the highlights of the ceremony was the granting of the medal known as the Cross of the Land Task-force, awarded to Major General Pedro Alfonso González, head of the Guyana Strategic Region of Comprehensive Defense, as well as Major General Wilmer Roman Yepez Castro, deputy commander and chief of the Major General State of the Army.

Likewise, the Head of State also granted the Liberators Award to Brigadier General, Gabriel Monroy Mendez, Commander of the 13th Infantry Brigade, and Colonel Alejandro Benitez Marcano, Chief of the 91 Motorized Brigade -also known as the Pedro Pérez Delgado Brigade- was also awarded the Cross of Land Task-force medal.

Furthermore, the first rank decoration known as Francisco de Miranda, was awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Hector Adrian Contreras Torres, Commander of the 512 Battalion of the Forest Infantry Division belonging to the Thomas Perez branch, and, the honorable Order of Merit Carabobo Star, was awarded to Commander Ronal Rivero Gomez, head of Communications of the Second Infantry Division.

Other awards granted by the Head of State, included: Order of Merit Carabobo Start, the Army's Order of Merit, Francisco Conde on its Third Ranking, the Cedeño Plaza Ferriar Medal, and, the Paso de Los Andes Medal.  The President recalled that this Battle in which the fate of Colombia, Panama, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela was decided, should serve today as an "inspiration."

"Our Army began as a great anti-colonial force (...) when we say that our Army and our Homeland are anti-imperialists, we are acknowledging the greatest anti-colonialist effort, which was ignited by the people 200 years ago, and led to the greatest anti-colonial effort, the victorious battle of Carabobo," proclaimed the President.

The Battle of Carabobo represents the historic deed undertaken by the patriot army, which assured Latin American independence. During the mentioned deed, the Protagonists Chief General Simón Bolívar and Royalist Marshal, Miguel de la Torre.

AVN / Press – Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in USA / June 25, 2014

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