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June 24: 193 Years Ago the Most Important Independence Battle was Fought in Venezuela

On Sunday June 24, 1821, Simon Bolivar, The Liberator, led the most significant battle within the independence struggle in Venezuela: The Battle of Carabobo.  As result of such heroic political-military deed, the Spanish monarchy was expulsed, after Patriot forces defeated the royalist troops.

There were three divisions comprising the Patriots forces led by Simon Bolivar, which included: José Antonio Páez, Rafael Urdaneta, General Manuel Cedeño, General José Francisco Bermúdez and Colonel Ambrosio Plaza, all of which led military and civilians forces.

While Bolivar's patriot army totaled 20,000 men, the royalist army commanded by Miguel De La Torre only totaled 9,000 men, mainly due to their continuous defeats at the hands of the Patriot forces on the battlefields since 1818, according to historian Lionel Muñoz.

"As of 1818, growing public opinion approving independence allowed for the participation and inclusion of all public sectors into the army, hence, facilitating the Patriots' victory," highlighted Muñoz.

Once royalist commander, Miguel De La Torre, realized the Patriots' military capabilities, as well as his own army's withdrawal, he decided to -unsuccessfully- counter attack by commanding the battalions of Prince and Barbastro, ultimately resulting on the complete withdrawal of the entire royalist battalion.

RNV / Press - Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in USA / June 24, 2014

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