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Social programs are the tool to build socialism

Groups of professionals and volunteers of social programs and missions implemented by the National Government deployed last Sunday along more than 500 communities nationwide, labor emphasized by president Nicolas Maduro.

"Today we've lived a Sunday of missions, visits home by home, attending our brothers with love... inside towns," posted the Venezuelan President to his profile at online social network Twitter.
In @NicolasMaduro, the President also congratulated the groups that make it possible to take social policies to the population, especially in areas living in extreme poverty.

"This is how we build new spirits everyday, based on love and labor for our people. Socialism in Christ!!," added president Maduro.

Through this initiative, the National Government is seeking to eliminate destitution in Venezuela. For it, it is expected to put up social mission bases in 1,500 communities of 255 parishes nationwide, so that programs in matters of health, culture, sports, food and protection may be directly implemented where they are needed.

These bases are made up by three units: health; culture and sports; and coordination of missions and great missions.

Extreme poverty in Venezuela used to be 21 per cent prior the Revolution, rate decreased to 5.5 per cent thanks to social programs implemented by the Bolivarian Government. Social mission bases aimed at decrease it to zero.

AVN 23/06/2014

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