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President Maduro: Renewal of governmental methods will be the Bolivarian Revolution's Paramount Task

The Bolivarian Revolution will assume the challenge of renewal governmental methods necessary to be at the forefront of the Venezuelan people, in order to deepen the transformations that Venezuela has been undergoing for the past 15 years.

Accordingly, the government must imbue within a process of "revolution within the revolution, a renewal of working methods and the revolutionary spirit," commented President Nicolas Maduro from the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, where he met with the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.
To meet this end, the National Executive Power is "working faithfully, with devotion and honesty, giving all we have, which is our very lives, in order to build the homeland for our children, our grandchildren and our future generations, as well as to faithfully continue on the path set by our Commander Chavez, and, mostly followed by our people. "

There is no excuse for betrayal within this process known as the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela. "We all must be the ethical forefront, representing profound love for our people and for Commander Chávez (...) That is the peace of mind that one has here; to be loyal to the cause of Commander Chavez no matter what, we shall remain united to the end," reflected Maduro.

The renewal of management methods will begin during the new phase of the social strategy known as, the Street-Efficient Government.  We, the Governmental team, will tour the whole country in order to establish a priority-based government, comprising each individual State. (...) It must to be a comprehensive offensive, that reaches every state and town," added the President.


The Executive Power established various guidelines for the new phase of the Street-Efficient Government, focusing on: social programs, reinforcement of the new Economic strategy, establishment of security quadrants part of the Safe Homeland Plan, inspection and inauguration of government public works, and, establishment of the neighborhood and city councils throughout the country.

Maduro explained that the first guideline, abides to the revival of social programs and the vital socialist projects in the nation -thirty-five in total- and which will be strengthened with the establishment of the Socialist Programs Offices, which aim to combine the work of social programs in the areas of education, health and housing, aiming at meeting the needs of those families who reside at the 1,500 points benchmark, within localities where extreme poverty lingers.

The second guideline aims at strengthening the new Economic strategy driven by the Executive Power as of April 22, in order to ensure domestic production, goods supply, and, establishment of fair prices for the population.
The third guideline deals with public safety, which as informed by Maduro relates to the, "implementation and installation of safety quadrants as part of the Safe Homeland Plan, which are already creating good results."

The fourth guideline is composed by the implementation of the so-called three "I's": Inspection, Initiation and Inauguration of public works. Maduro explained that 400 new public works will be inaugurated at this stage, which were implemented through active talks with the peoples and the support of the Federal Council of Government (CFG).

AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / June 19, 2014

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