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54.3% of Venezuelans Would Vote for President Maduro if Elections Were Held Today

If elections were held today, 54.3% of Venezuelans would vote for President Nicolás Maduro. Those were the results of an International Consulting Services (ICS) poll, according to its director Simón Córdova who was interviewed on Venezolana de Televisión.

The poll was conducted between May 31 and June 2 throughout Venezuela.  Apart from the 54.3% who would vote for the President, 43.1% would vote for the opposition while 2.6% either did not know or did not respond.

In response to a question of whether they believed the United States government interfered in Venezuela’s domestic affairs, 82.5% responded affirmatively.  “The Venezuelan people are not fooled by media narratives. 

This [response] must be analyzed in greater detailed, because interference can be media-driven, political, economical or social.  In fact, many people in the opposition are among the nearly 83% who consider that the United States is interfering in Venezuela’s internal affairs,” Córdova said.

He then added that the poll’s results show that Venezuelans are aware that US interference, in whatever form it takes, is contributing to problems in the country.

The ICS poll found that 69.8% of the population has faith that the economic situation will improve within a year, compared to 37% who had little or no faith in that.  Córdova explained that “this shows the majority of the people believe the economy will improve in the short run” and that this show of “popular faith” is linked to confidence in social missions.

“Mercal, the Great Housing Mission, health [missions] have all improved; missions are being developed and the people are approving of this,” he said.

In referring to the poll’s other findings, Córdova noted that Venezuelans are most worried by insecurity (64.2%) followed by inflation and shortages (22.6% each).

AVN /  June 11, 2014

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