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First Employment Act will give concrete and growth opportunities for youth

“The Youth of the Nation Mission completed its first year with positive results, but also with a commitment to continue growing,” said Minister of People’s Power for Youth Victor Clark.

During a news segment on Venezolana de Television, the Minister said that the goal of the mission is to engage youth, offer them recreational activities and guide them so they spend their free time in a productive and positive manner.

Clark also spoke about the decisions made by President Nicolás Maduro relating to youth.  Regarding the proposed Law for Good Examples for Youth, which was put forth by the President, the Minister said that the statute would continue giving concrete opportunities for Venezuela’s youth.

“The majority of the population, which at this time is greater than children or senior citizens, is the economically active population, which is what the country needs for development,” he added.

Clark also discussed the Youth Sexual Education Plan and clarified that the State is not promoting sexual activity.  “What it is promoting is a well-constituted family.  We know that when a young woman becomes a mother at an early age, she tends to not finish her studies,” he explained.

“The plan has a formative and communicational focus that is complemented by media campaigns on the radio, television and in movies,” he said.

Regarding the Student Tourism Plan, he characterized it as recognition for effort or moral incentive of a government committed to youth.

VTV / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / June 9, 2014

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