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Jaua: Politics Remains the Challenge to Building a System of Defense against Media Plots

“Overcoming plots is the real politics, what Hugo Chávez built, what President Maduro is building each day and what we the people are building,” Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Elías Jaua, said during an international forum titled “Media Plots against Venezuela: Overcoming the Manipulation.”

Jaua was referring to plots by the media, stressing that this era of transnational corporate media goes hand in hand with “processes of destabilization using the narrative of a deteriorating country; I would say they have gone even further and have become part of the process of violent destabilization of countries.”

In that regard, the Foreign Minister noted that events in Venezuela over the past months have been led “fundamentally to prevent the Venezuelan State from acting … to prevent justice; so that [the State] does not act and the justice [system] does not rein in those who promote violence in order that they can keep on doing so.”

He emphasized that these destabilizing groups attempt to corral the Venezuelan State through media campaigns aimed at preventing government forces from defending the rights of the people, especially the right “to live in peace.”

“This campaign has intensified its absolutely cynical nature of lying and falsifying realities; it also attempted to join in the violent process against President Maduro’s government—the democratic and popular government of Venezuela; it also sought to weaken public support to justify the intervention of great powers,” Jaua explained.

The Foreign Minister recognized that in the face of such a scenario, the people’s struggles for peace and justice rose to the forefront and led to a real politics to defend the nations against any threat.  This was by design of “the architect of global geopolitics, Commander Chávez… The great struggle of the people, of revolutionaries and politicians, which is what constitutes reality, is the best antidote against any sort of plot,” he said.

“Politics are the great challenge for the construction of a system of defense against the media… We can never abandon that which sustains and is the root of the revolutionary movement, which is the real politics that is built in the heart and soul of the peoples, as Commander Hugo Chávez built it in the Venezuelan people and the peoples of the world,” Jaua continued.

The Foreign Minister took the opportunity to highlight the international recognition the Venezuelan people have received for learning how to speak up.  “Venezuela can way what the whole world wants to say but cannot.  And the reason why is simple: Venezuela is an independent country because Chávez’s historic legacy for Venezuela was independence forever,” he indicated.

Also taking part in the forum was Venezuela’s Minister for Communication and Information, Delcy Rodríguez, who said “we have no doubt that the revolution will fight on and is facing unprecedented media hegemony.”

She added that “nobody understands how, as we were subjected to a war that we recently suffered through, Venezuelans did not confront and kill each other.  [The answer is] that Venezuela has a moral foundation inspired by El Libertador [Simón Bolívar] and Commander [Chávez].”

The international forum “Media Plots against Venezuela: Overcoming the Manipulation” was held in Caracas and will conclude on Friday, June 6.

MPPRE / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / June 6, 2014

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