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Venezuela Named Titular Member of ILO Governing Body

Venezuela was elected as a titular member of the Governing Body of the International Labor Organization, according to announcement made by Venezuela’s Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland.

The announcement was made by Vice Minister for Labor Elio Colmenares, who led Venezuela’s delegation in the 103rd International Labor Conference which took place in Geneva.

Colmenares emphasized that this election reiterates the recognition the Bolivarian government has received for its important achievements in labor.

“Venezuelan laws and our government’s actions are oriented towards a historic dignifying of workers, following the humanist example of Hugo Chávez that is continued by President Nicolás Maduro, who is a living example of what the working class has achieved in our country,” he said.

The Governing Body is the executive agency of the International Labor Organization and is part of the three main bodies of the ILO along with the International Labor Conference and the International Labor Office.

The Governing Body is made up of 28 member governments (14 titular and 14 deputies), 14 employers’ representatives and 14 workers’ representatives.

Among its primary duties, the governing body makes decisions about ILO polices, determines the Order of the Day for the International Labor conference and prepares programs and budgets to be adopted by the conference.

The ILO is the only tripartite organization within the United Nations, in that labor and employer representatives work on equal terms with governments to set policies and establish programs that promote dignified labor for all.

AVN / June 3, 2014

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