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Maximilian Arveláez Named Chargé d?Affaires in the United States

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced on Thursday his desire to restart diplomatic relations with the United States Government on the basis of mutual respect and non interference.  His first step towards meeting this goal will be to send a new Chargé d’Affaires to the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington.


Maduro explained that Maximilian Arveláez, whom he designated to be the ambassador, will act as Chargé D’Affaires and will visit Washington “to tell the truth about the country and neutralize the many lies said about Venezuela.”


In that sense, Arveláez, who will also serve as Chief of Mission, will be tasked with opening a path towards relations of communication and respect with the White House and Congress so that it matches “the level we already have with U.S. society, to achieve cooperation in important continental and global issues,” the President continued.


“I want better relations of respect and permanent communication with the United States; relations that set a new model for relations between that country and Latin America,” Maduro said.


“The time has come, President Obama … sooner rather than later we have to sow relations of respect between the United States and the governments of Latin America,” President Maduro noted.


Maduro explained that his decision is a response to recent declarations by Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson, which she made following the House of Representatives’ decision to approve sanctions against Venezuelan officials.


Jacobson said “this is not the right time to apply sanctions against Venezuela” because what is happening there “has nothing to do with the bilateral relation, but is about Venezuelans themselves.”


The President also rejected Congress’ action and added that if Washington decides to impose sanctions against Venezuela and its people, “we would have to defend ourselves, because when this path of sanctions begins, it will continuously escalate and we will not sit back and watch.”


In February, Caracas had proposed Arveláez as Venezuela’s Ambassador to the U.S., though he has yet to be approved by President Barack Obama.


YVKE Mundial / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / May 30, 2014

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