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President Maduro : The Doors of Dialogue Are Open

The Venezuelan government confirmed Tuesday that it is willing to maintain the dialogue roundtables across the country, as part of the Peace Conference which has been held since February 26 and has brought together representatives of the various economic, religious , social and political sectors.

" The doors of dialogue are open," said the President of the Republic , Nicolas Maduro, who called on the people to continue the path of work, discipline, unity and solidarity that has been marked since then.

"Follow our path of struggle for economic prosperity by strengthening missions , peace , freedom , politics and to give a lesson to all these sectors," said Maduro from the Cuartel de la Montaña, located in the parish of Caracas in the 23 de enero neighborhood, where he had a meeting with the top political leadership of the Bolivarian Revolution.

He emphasized that the talks will continue with or without the presence of the self-determined ( MUD) Democratic Unity.

" We will not let anyone, neither the MUD nor Roberta Jocobsen ( spokeswoman for the Department of State for Latin America),  blackmail us.  The doors are open," said the head of state, who noted at this point that " Venezuela has only one destination which is peace. "

Representatives of the Government of the United States maintain a clear policy of interference and refusal to open dialogue with Venezuela.  Recently, Roberta Jacobson said that roundtable discussions between the Bolivarian government and the Venezuelan opposition [can’t be just ] "are dialogue for dialogue."

In response to this, the President expressed: " I repudiate,  reject and detest the interference of these sectors of the ultra right-wing of the U.S. in the internal affairs of the homeland of Bolivar."

Maduro said that the problems of Venezuelans " will be solved by Venezuelans " and urged the Venezuelan people to reject these interventionist actions of the United States. "The American empire wanted to dominate and control ( ... ) They can never do that with the Venezuela that stood with Hugo Chavez , " said Maduro.

Evidence before the Unasur

During his address, the Venezuelan leader said that on Thursday he will solicit the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Union of South American Nations ( Unarsur) to convene a Presidential Council in June, in order to present evidence of the involvement of the right-wing sectors of Venezuela and the United States in the coup that they promote against the revolutionary government.

The Minister of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs , Elias Jaua, will participate in that said Council of Ministers to be held in the province of Galapagos in Ecuador , on the 22 and 23 of May. There, a paper that documents the actions of the right-wing coup will also be presented.

AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / May 21, 2014

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