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Venezuelan President Urges Opposition Not To Break the Dialogue

On Monday Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on the opposition alliance ( MUD) " not to wound the desire for open dialogue that the country wants . Defend stability in Venezuela as a common good."

During a meeting with governors and mayors in the Presidential Palace of Miraflores, the president said that in the country " there is dialogue, and the talks (with MUD ) are a political entity that I called for with absolute and extreme patience."

He warned that the national debate has become the victim of an international campaign to deny dialogue, based on meetings that have no results.

"It's an anti-natural campaign because the norm in any country is to be able to publicly discuss and debate with civil liberties," he added .

He recalled that this political dialogue is under the framework of the accompaniment of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR ) and the Vatican, with respect between each of its actors.

"We take the opportunity to turn the debate into a real dialogue , so that a national agenda comes about ( ... ) People want to advance a common peace policy effort ," he said .

On 10 April, after eight weeks of calling for it, the Government managed to install in the Miraflores Palace a dialogue with representatives of the MUD , who , however , did not call for an end to the street actions .

On Thursday April 15 , the dialogue was scheduled to resume but the MUD has refused to participate.

UNASUR has confirmed its intention to continue fostering the dialogue facilitation process , as the apostolic nuncio , Aldo Giordano, has also stated.

AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / May 20, 2014

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