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Venezuela to Condemn US Government Violations of International Law

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Elías Jaua, will soon present a report to the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the United Nations and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) that details violations of international law by United States government spokespersons who have threatened to apply sanctions to or impose rules on the Venezuelan state.

In a television interview broadcast on Sunday, the Foreign Minister noted that the first report will be presented this week in a meeting of UNASUR foreign ministers that will take place in Ecuador.

“Enough is enough of the United States Government taking on responsibilities that correspond to multilateral organizations.  We must note that, as a free and independent nation, we do not recognize that the United States, nor its legislature, has the extraterritorial authority to legislate about Venezuela. There are basic principles within the United Nations system that must be respected,” he explained.

Jaua affirmed that Venezuela is an independent, free and sovereign nation that does not and will not permit the U.S. government or its parliament to attempt to threaten the Venezuelan state.

The Minister noted that he met last year with John Kerry in Guatemala, and although they agreed to communicate directly about any differences that might arise, “in this new situation it has not been possible for any official from our government to establish relations with the U.S. State Department that has not resulted in aggression or threats.”

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / May 19, 2014

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