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Minister Rodríguez: The U.S. Leads Media Manipulation against Venezuela

Russia Today Interview

Venezuela’s Minister for Communication and Information, Delcy Rodríguez, denounced the fact that the United States Government leads a media campaign against Venezuela with the goal of destabilizing the country with the support of the local extreme right wingers.

In an interview on Russia Today, Minister Rodríguez denounce the manipulation by many international media outlets, such as CNN, which have distorted information related to the violent protests led by the right wing in Venezuela.

“[CNN] has been paid for campaigns against the country.  We know this,” she said, before adding that media outlets which distort information “do not feel the slightest bit of shame in lying to the world.”

She also denounced the hundreds of false photographs published by international media with images about the alleged violence by state security forces.  Rodríguez then showed several examples of prestigious newspapers that printed images of incidents in Egypt, Syria or Chile and passed them off as having taken place in Venezuela.

“It is a campaign aimed at confrontation, at seeding hate in Venezuelans.  They are imported campaign, because at the same time that a coup was being attempted in Venezuela, a similar situation was occurring in Ukraine,” she noted.

The Minister rejected statements made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who alleged that Venezuela restricts internet access and closed down several web pages.

“In Venezuela there is unlimited use of social networks such as Facebook [and] Twitter; there is access to web pages, the Internet,” Rodríguez emphasized.

She added that there is absolute and full freedom of expression in Venezuela. “We have full coexistence of public media and private media, there is full exercise of journalism,” the Minister explained, before adding that there should be an analysis of whether “certain journalists and mass media outlets practice journalism ethically.”

Rodríguez stressed that the government and revolutionary people managed to defeat the coup d’état proposed by Venezuela’s right wing with support from the American empire, and that the task now “is to reverse the process of hate among Venezuelans” that was created by the opposition.

Nevertheless, the right wing is attempting to enact a terrorist playbook in Venezuela to continue its “adversarial plan” of destabilization, she concluded.

The entire interview can be found (in Spanish) at the following link:

AVN / Press Venezuelan Embassy in the US / May 9, 2014

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