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Maduro Proposed a High Level Commission to Obama to Improve Diplomatic Relations

President Nicolás Maduro is awaiting a response from his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama in order to make progress in the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

During the television program “En Contacto con Maduro” (In Touch with Maduro), the President noted that he had designated Diosdado Cabello, President of the National Assembly, to sit down to discuss a new model of relations between the United States and Venezuela.

“Assemblyperson Cabello is ready to travel tomorrow to Washington,” should the United States respond, the President noted before reminding viewers that he had designated Maximilian Arvelaéz as the new ambassador  few weeks ago, though he has not been given approved by the U.S.

President Maduro indicated that the United States has lost its influence in Latin America and the Caribbean, and therefore it should reformulate its relations in the region.

“What the U.S. needs is to recognize that we are free and they are obligated by history and by the rights we have to have peace, understanding and respect,” he noted.

Nevertheless, “with an arrogance that shows a lack of knowledge of the state of the world, they have completely disregarded the proposal for peace, the proposal for diplomacy, which I made,” Maduro continued.

The President also rejected the march in Washington organized by some Venezuelan residents in the U.S. in order to press for sanctions and an embargo against Venezuela.

“Powerful interest groups and groups of the extreme right-wing are imposing their policies on the U.S., which is leading the [U.S.] to be isolated by the entire continent,” he explained.

President Maduro also announced that he had asked Attorney General Luisa Ortega to investigate those Venezuelans who call for an attack on the nation’s sovereignty, and to take whatever measures are allowed in the country’s laws.

“Venezuela has a right to defend itself and we will do so.  We always want peace.  Of course we always want peace.  That is why we promote peaceful, diplomatic, political solutions.  Let’s hope the U.S. government is open to understanding that the Bolivarian Revolution is unbeatable,” the President asserted.

Agencia Venezolana de Noticias / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / March 7, 2014

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