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Over Five Thousand People Visited Venezuela in Passport D.C. 2014

On May 3, over five thousand people visited the Residence of the Ambassador of Venezuela which was open to the public for the sixth consecutive year as part of Passport D.C., an annual event.  Visitors were able to enjoy several workshops, dancing, music, activities for children and other surprises at the event.

This year, the Venezuelan Embassy offered a workshop on joropo, a genre of folk music native to Venezuela’s plains.  On March 19, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro had announced that this would be the national year of joropo.  He made the announcement in Elorza, a town in the state of Apure, in honor of former President Hugo Chávez.  Joropo is a Venezuelan tradition with distinct regional styles that was declared a National Cultural Patrimony in the category of cultural public interest on March 15.

Visitors also had a chance to watch a demonstration of how to cook cachapas, a pancake-like dish made out of corn that is a staple in the Venezuelan diet.  Later, visitors had a chance to taste cachapas, as well as fritters made out of yucca and tequeños (cheese wrapped in dough), all of which are typical of Venezuelan cuisine.

Those who toured the residence were able to enjoy several works of art, including paintings from renowned Venezuelan artists that are part of the cultural heritage present in the Official Residence of the Ambassador.

Upon ending the tour, visitors were able to learn a bit more about the Cruz de Mayo (May Cross) tradition in Venezuela, where they pinned flowers to a cross, a practice Venezuelan engage in to give thanks, particularly for harvests.

Children were also invited to dip their hands in paint and then press them against paper, thereby leaving “handprints in Venezuela”.

Venezuela’s Diplomatic Mission has participated in Passport D.C. since 2008, and in this year’s event, over 50 embassies accredited in Washington opened their doors to highlight their culture and traditions.

For recipes for the dishes offered during the event, please click on the cuisine section of our website.

Watch here the photos of the event

Watch here the video

Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / May 5, 2014

Photo: Press-Venezuelan Embassy

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