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Eduardo Marturet: The autochthonous becomes universal

Renowned Venezuelan Orchestra Director Visits Embassy

Venezuelan orchestra director Eduardo Marturet visited the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C., on April 23 where he engaged in a frank dialogue with members of the diplomatic mission.  The Maestro emphasized the high quality of Venezuelan music and musicians, as well as music’s universal value.  “The autochthonous is becoming universal; it is not what other think, that the universal is what is becoming autochthonous.  We are a first world country in terms of music,” he said.

The Venezuelan Maestro is currently the Musical Director and Conductor of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. Eight years ago he accepted the position of directing this orchestra, which has a variety of high level musicians, including 15 Venezuelans from different regions in the country.  Marturet decided to no longer go on tour in order to dedicate himself to working with the community.  “It was a Community Orchestra [which consists of a mix of amateur and professional musicians] when I took over and they asked me to convert it into a professional orchestra , today we have managed to elevate it to an international level.”   We fulfilled our commitment, and that fills me with satisfaction,” the Maestro explained.

Marturet also currently works with Venezuelan Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, who is internationally renowned for creating El Sistema, a system of youth orchestras that has brought music and music education into the lives of millions of children and youths in Venezuela. “I have held seminars in Venezuela in El Sistema classrooms.  I am especially interested in the topic of teaching orchestra directors. I would like to see more women conducting orchestras.  I also very much enjoy working with El Sistema because in addition to being a very pretty symbol of ours, I believe it is fantastic that thousands of Venezuelan children have had violins placed in their hands instead of guns,” he said.

Regarding the current situation in the country, where extremist sectors are committing violence, the Maestro called for unity and forgiveness for the parties involved.  “Venezuela is one; we need to unite, not separate.  We should focus on the good things, preserve them and take advantage of the positive elements we have while rejecting the negative.  Just as a family has moments of crisis, we should forgive each other.  Communication is not worth much if there is no forgiveness. We need to peacefully resolve our differences. Violence is very harmful and will not lead us anywhere,” Marturet said.

“As an artist, I owe my audience, and that is why I believe we should behave in a more universal manner on issues in which we cannot come to an agreement,” he continued.  In fact, as a messenger of the universal language of music, on March 2 Marturet organized a concert promoting peace in Venezuela at the Knight Concert Hall of the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County.  Hundreds of people attended the event to support peace in Venezuela and the violence that has been recently been decreasing in the country.  The recital featured a piece by Johannes Brahms, his Symphony No. 2 with its famous “Double Concerto” that allowed Daniel Andai and Brian Manker, who is the principal cellist of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, to display their talents.

For 2017, the Maestro has planned a tour of Latin America and Europe.  The dates have yet to be announced.

Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / April 24, 2014

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