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More Than Six Million Venezuelans Participated in Easter Festivities

As of this Saturday, more than 6.3 million Venezuelans were active in the country enjoying the Easter holiday, which represents an increase of 24.61 % from the 5.1 million that were recorded in the same period of 2013, according to figures from the Ministry of Tourism.

A document posted on Twitter by Tourism Minister Andres Izarra stated that over 5.8 million individuals traveled over land to sightsee this season, 22.89% more than in the previous week during 2013.

Meanwhile, by air, 472,000 people as of yesterday flew, 22.89% more than in the 2013 holiday; and by sea there were 60,000 tourists, a variation of 25.76 % from the previous year.

"These figures are very good news, especially in this political context, where a minority of right-wing Venezuelan opposition members tried to bring down the spirits of  the people of Venezuela and plunge them into violence and tension and a contempt for the civil order throughout the country.  Violent groups have been minimized, have been isolated and the people of Venezuela have enjoyed a really calm and peaceful Easter" he said.

The authorities have highlighted the huge movement of people and have implemented a comprehensive safety strategy, that includes more than 100,000 employees throughout the country, as well as sports and recreational activities for the people.

AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / March 21, 2014

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