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Venezuelan Government Invests Resources in Maintenance Plan for Schools Nationwide

The Venezuelan government is currently investing 11,600 million bolivars in the rehabilitation and maintenance of schools throughout the country, said Vice Minister of Logistics and Facilities of the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, William Gil Calderón.

He explained that the plan has three models, according to the requirements of schools : the major maintenance for spaces that require a comprehensive rehabilitation and replacement of roofing, waterproofing and repair of plumbing and infrastructure that are in seismic risk, says a press release of the Ministry.

The smaller maintenance plan for those institutions that require changing paint, electrical repairs or yard work ; and a prevention plan implemented to prevent damage to infrastructure in good condition.

The maintenance work will be carried out on all weekends in each school by municipality, so on average, 335 schools a week.

The program will involve the educational community, teachers , students, parents and community councils, in the maintenance process in order to ensure that ” every child , every parent feels that they are a part of the school, the school is yours, feel for it and help protect and rehabilitate it, “said Gil.

AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / April 15th, 2014

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