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President Maduro Calls for Unity toward Collective Prosperity and an End to Violence

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro indicated on Sunday that only with unity and peace will the country be able to achieve prosperity in the face of the aspirations of extremist right-wing groups to reject the people’s will.

For this task, “the plan for the nation is a shining light in building the future,” Maduro said during an interview to a private television station.

In this interview, President Maduro explained that the Venezuelan people know that the Revolutionary Government works towards and support social well-being.  “If the people were weak from a psychological, political and ideological point of view, the Revolution would not exist.  Our people are aware that there may be difficulties [but they know] the government protects them,” he said.

An example of this is social investment undertaken by his administration.  In 2013, 64.1% of the government’s income was distributed to development programs aimed at helping the people.  According to the President, this was an increase of 1.9 percentage points over the 62% invested in 2012.

“In the middle of these induced economic circumstances, the social model of distribution of wealth, of the creation of wealth, and the social model of missions and greater missions, during this first year of my administration, have been maintained, have been expanded and have continued generating results,” President Maduro noted.
Moreover, he indicated that unemployment in February was 7.2%, the lowest monthly rate since this figure began to be measured.

A Triumph of Revolutionary Consciousness

Maduro also stressed that his electoral victory, which occurred one year ago on Monday, April 14, was achieved thanks to the revolutionary consciousness of the people.

“I give credit to the great consciousness of the people and in nine days, we achieved a heroic victory in the face of a media campaign, an economic force of our adversaries, in the face of a candidate who had been preparing for his candidacy for at least 14 years.  It was a victory of the consciousness of the people, it is the heroics of the people that recovered from their pain,” he said during the interview.

“Many believed that after the physical parting of Commander Chávez, it would be impossible to maintain social peace, national cohesion … that that Venezuelan revolution would not transcend, that it would leave with him, and a year ago there was great proof that we overcame heroically,” he emphasized.

A year ago, he noted, “I campaigned and I met with the people who were despondent with sadness over the death of [Chávez]…. I made a great effort because I had never been a candidate before, had never run in a campaign … and I was suddenly at the forefront of a Revolution in a very sensitive period as a presidential candidate, [and later] as a president in office.”

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / April 14, 2014

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