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President Maduro: Important Events Keeps Strengthening the Bolivarian Revolution

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro underscored the labor carried out over the last week by the National Government together with people and all forces of the Bolivarian Revolution.
"We had great events this week to consolidate the Street Government and Revolutionary forces, always with people in the front," the President posted to his Twitter profile @NicolasMaduro last Sunday.

In a series of messages posted to the online social network, president Maduro added that "Work and more work, love and more love, victories and more victories, peace and more peace to continue 'having homeland' and consolidating the Revolution."

Maduro recalled that he held a meeting last Tuesday with the commission of foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), in Caracas, amid efforts to guarantee the success of peace talks in the country.

"I welcomed UNASUR, which started its labor of accompanying and supporting democracy and peace in Venezuela," Maduro posted to Twitter.
Also on Tuesday, he commented that he broadcast his weekly radio talk show In Contact with Maduro, live from San Mateo city, central state of Aragua.

The Venezuelan President attended activities to commemorate the bicentennial of the Battle of San Mateo and to honor independence hero Antonio Ricaurte, who sacrificed himself to prevent Spanish forces from taking possession of revolutionaries' artillery depot in 1814.

Chavez's freedom

On Wednesday, president Nicolas Maduro recalled in the online social network, he took part on a march to commemorate 20 years since commander Hugo Chavez was released from prison to start leading the Bolivarian Revolution.

During that activity, Maduro called on political leaders and presidents of Latin America and the Caribbean to take part on the National Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), scheduled for July 26th and through 28th.

Maduro's intention, he added in that opportunity, is that the world may see the Venezuelan people discussing and defining their own destination, building a new society, with anti-imperialist and socialist forces.

Social program for transportation

Meanwhile on Thursday, president Nicolas Maduro launched new social program Mission Transport, aimed at strengthening mass public transportation and protecting families of bus drivers and haulage contractors in the country.

Mission Transport is aimed at supporting Venezuelan citizens who use urban, suburban, rural, school, communal transportation, as well as taxis, motorcycle taxis and haulage.
"On Thursday I opened MetroBus routes in Vargas and Zulia and launched Transport Mission to protect workers," could be read in @NicolasMaduro. It was also launched rapid bus transport TransFalcon, in western state of Falcon.

Last Thursday, the President also met with athletes who attended the tenth South American Games, held in Chile.
"I made fair recognition to our athletes who returned victorious from the 2014 South American (Games). The golden generation," Maduro commented.

Encounter with the youth

Last Friday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro held an encounter with members of the Bolivarian Student Organization, or OBE.
Over 11,000 young people from all states of the country took part in the encounter, held in Caracas, with a view to start a consultation about the quality and deepen organizational objectives of Bolivarian ideals.

"Last Friday I lived exciting moments with owners of the future of our homeland: high school students. There I contributed to equip and restore all high schools in the country with the united labor of student movements," Maduro posted to Twitter.

Defending nature

Through @NicolasMaduro, the Venezuelan President also recalled that he received ecologists and environmental groups at Miraflores Presidential Palace last Saturday, who condemned environmental damages caused by violent groups in different areas of the country.
"I welcomed the historic march of Ecological Movements of the country. Always count on my committed love," Maduro added.

A constituent congress was convened in the activity, with the attendance of all Venezuelan ecological movements next month of May.

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