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Personnel Directory
Tibisay Lugo Acting Consul General
Carlos Cordova Consular Assistant
Jesús D'Alessandro Consular Assistant
Megan Denkers Consular Assistant


Official Holidays
This and other Venezuelan Consulates in the US will be closed on the following days:
January, 21 Martin Luther King Jr.
February, 18 Presidents Day
March, 28 Good Thursday (Holy Week)
March, 29 Good Friday (Holy Week)
May 27 Memorial Day
4 and 5 of July Independence Day of USA and Independence Day of Venezuela
September 2 Labor Day
October 14 Indigenous Peoples Resistance Day (know as Columbus Day in other countries)
November 11 Veterans Day
November, 28 Thanksgiving Day
November, 29 Thanksgiving Day
December 25
Christmas Day
January, 1 New Year's Day


National Holidays
The following are Official National Holidays in Venezuela:
January 1 New Year's Day
February 20 Carnival
February 21 Carnival
March 28 Holy Week
March 29 Holy Week
April 19 Declaration of Independence
May 1 Labor Day
June 24 Battle of Carabobo
July 5 Independence Day
July 24 Birth of Simón Bolívar
October 12 Indigenous Resistance Day
December 25 Christmas Day

New Address:
1161 Mission Street
Suite 300
San Francisco CA 94103
Tel: (415) 294-2252
Fax: (415) 296-6479
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